My husband and I purchased our beautiful Shiba Inu girl, Dany, from Karen in December 2016.  Karen was great about helping us pick out the perfect puppy from the group and explained their individual personalities so we could choose the one that would be a good fit for our family.  I instantly fell in love with the cute, little red sesame girl that doled out kisses and cuddles right from the start.  We were lucky enough to meet our puppy’s mom and we felt very confident that our puppy would grow up to have the same friendly and loving personality as her momma (we were right).  From day one, Dany has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives.  She has such a hilarious and spunky personality that not a day goes by where she doesn’t make us smile.  She is incredibly friendly and loves everyone she meets! We frequently take her to the local dog park where she gets tons of attention from other dog owners with lots of “She looks like a fox!”  comments.  She has never been aggressive in any way towards anyone or anything, except for the occasional shady looking plastic bag that blows around outside in the yard.  She’s also amazing for the fact that she almost never barks, she is fastidiously clean and avoids mud and puddles like the plague, she has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER had an accident in the house and was an absolute dream to potty train.  Karen and her family give their dogs the highest level of attention, care, and love to ensure that they grow up to be well-adjusted, friendly, and loving dogs.  So many people ask what breeder we got Dany from and I always tell them of how great Karen and her family is and that her dogs will be one of the best dogs they will ever own.

It's me, Tina! My family knows me as Suzu the Benevolent Empress now. They just call me Suzu for short. You sent me home a couple years ago with my loving parents John and Shannon. They just wanted to let you know how happy they are that you put me in their lives. We live in the Rapid City where I have a nice fenced in backyard and I get to go on walks and hikes all the time. I have a little brother now that I play with and torment all the time. We love to wrestle and chase each other around the yard. They think I'm really smart because I let them teach me lots of tricks like sit, stay, lay down, roll over, shake, high five, and to hide my face. I also let them snuggle with me on cold days.
Just thought I'd say hi and let you know I'm doing great!  Suzu ps John and Shannon say hello too!



Below are testimonials from people I sold a puppy! I am so pleased my puppies went to such wonderful, loving homes; It is my hope and prayer for every dog I sell.....

Our Shiba Inu named Stanley is the greatest addition to my family. He is so friendly and absolutely intelligent. We go to the same dog park multiple times a week and everyone knows him by name. They think he is so handsome and he always makes sure to say hi to everyone before he runs and plays with the other dogs. When I first met him at the airport, he made my heart melt and it was love at first sight. He was just the cutest little guy and was so excited to see us and everyone else that was there! Stanley's temperament is better than I could have ever imagined. He does not have a mean bone in his body and is incredibly patient, especially when he plays gently with 3-pound teething little sister (a teacup Pomeranian that loves his fluffy tail). His favorite is when children come to greet him, sometimes he just can't help but lick their faces. He does so well that I decided to put him in a training program to be a certified therapy dog to visit people and children who need a little sunshine in their day. He is doing great in this training. Not to mention, it only took 72 hours to teach him how to sit, lay down, shake, high five, and roll over within getting him.There is no doubt in my mind that I selected the best breeder. His health, personality and good looks are evidence of that!  from Julie in California!


Since it's been about a year since we've gotten Hoshi, I thought you might like to know how he's doing! He's grown up quite a bit, 18 pounds at his latest vaccination appointment. He's been a perfect addition to my family, he's such a sweetheart and is beyond happy to meet every person and dog that he sees. My mom and brother had to get used to having a puppy again when we moved home for the summer but they loved having him around and he got to run to his heart's content in the backyard. He's been spoiled rotten with toys and treats, and he's even getting a little lazy and losing some of his puppy energy now. As you can see in the photo his colors have changed a lot as well! We get so many compliments on his appearance and I think he knows by now how pretty people this he is. It's been one of the best decisions of my life to bring him home and I really want to thank you for helping raise him and get him to me. Taylor from MN

Luna Bear
My wife and I are very happy with our Luna (aka"Sara"). She is an absolutely beautiful and very healthy dog. She is very smart, happy, athletic, easy going and loving. She makes friends everywhere she goes and she is a bit of a "rock star" at Pet Smart. She loves being outdoors and going for walks. Even as I write this, she has decided that giving her attention is more important than my typing and has crawled into my lap. Luna is an excellent companion! We can't wait to see the new litter, as we have thought about getting another Shiba!  from Matt and Brandie in California

We got our Shiba Inu, Radar, May of 2013 and the instant we saw her we were in love. She was the cutest and sweetest dog we had ever met. Radar was basically potty trained when we got her, only a few accidents in the house, and no health problems what so ever. She is a very smart dog, at times it may seem she is too smart, and it only took a couple minutes to teach her basic tricks is sitting/laying down and rolling over. She loves playing with all the other dogs, loves being outside, and above all, she absolutely loves the snow. And with the recent winter, She has been in heaven.As being a predominantly inside dog, she is very quiet and hardly ever barks. If you are to get a Shiba Inu, I would highly recommend getting it from Star 5 Farm. We purchased Radar about 2 weeks after she was born, and they supplied us with updates weekly. We got pictures of her and little stories from something cute she did. I cannot speak more highly of them and the care that they take with raising the puppies until they are sent to new homes. from Sam and Shannon in West Virginia

Maya Luna Foxy Lady a.k.a."Penny" came into our lives in the fall of 2018. We were instantly in love with her. From the moment we saw her little head peering out of the kennel, looking straight up at us. Everyone who has been around Maya will say the same. Maya will melt your heart. She loves being outdoors and looks forward to her daily walks. She's always ready to play to burn off the tons of energy she has. But when she's finished she can't resist a midday nap. She is very affectionate, sweet and loving. Maya is very intelligent and spends much of her day observing. She loves dog watching from the front window, very quietly never barking or growling at others. Maya is very docile, was easy to house break. She instantly fit in very well with our family and active lifestyle. She is very special part of our family, and we look forward everyday to spending as much time with her as possible. 

We love that Karen took the time to answer all our many questions we initially had owning this type breed. We felt comfortable addressing any concerns we had about Maya. From the beginning, she walked us through out the entire process with ease. We still keep in touch and send her updates about how Maya is doing. We know that Karen wants her Shiba Inu's to go to good homes, bu educating potential owners. She also begins her socialization process early to ensure the puppies have the best start in life. We highly recommend Star 5 Farms to anyone looking to adopt a happy and healthy Shiba Inu.  Frank and Christine- California

ps....Frank, Christine, and son (Amellio) stopped by my farm on the way to visit their adult daughter who lives in Nebraska. They were a delight to meet! Frank works at a high school and takes Maya with him to work. It sounds like the whole school loves Maya. She definitely isn't lacking in attention. The best part about the visit is they added a second Shiba Inu to their family from my farm. I'm sure their days are bustling with Shiba Energy!

I purchased a red male Shiba Inu from the Schallenkamp family at star5farm in May of 2013. After much consideration, Shiba-specific research, and preparation, I emailed Mr. & Mrs. Schallenkamp to purchase my Shiba companion. They replied quickly, made sure I was ready for a puppy and helped me pick a friend from their litter. I got the red male Shiba I was hoping for. I was given many picture updates while my puppy Apollo grew, and they were very helpful with any questions I had. When I picked him up at 8 weeks, he was alert, inquisitive, and happy. Apollo is now 10 months old, has never had one health problem and is a total joy. He gets along with our cat, does great with children of all ages, loves all new people, and all new dogs, and all activities! And on top of that, he is picture/breed standard perfect! The Schallenkamps give their pups all the love, affection, and socialization to grow into a great adult dog. For a happy, healthy, well-adjusted and beautiful Shiba Inu, the Schallenkamp family at star5farm is the perfect place!   from James in Arizona. Apollo

We got a Shiba Inu from Karen last year and absolutely adore him. Karen sent us many photos and kept us well updated on how he was doing until we were able to pick him up. It was wonderful to see that the whole family had a role in raising him (the whole family met us halfway the day we got him). Once we got him we decided to name him Kona. Kona has had no health issues and every time we bring him to the vet/groomer, they always comment on how he is the nicest Shiba they have seen. He is not aggressive or overprotective. He has a very playful, funny personality. He enjoys the snow, treats, having his back scratched, and "talking" to us. We couldn't be happier with Kona or the way Karen handled everything! from the Rasmussons in Minnesota.